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Training Packages

Training and riding with a focus on hunters, equitation, dressage and groundwork.

Riding, lunging and groundwork are all a part of our well-rounded training program. Enroll yourself and your horse today with one of our highly knowledgeable and compassionate trainers.

Full Training Package

Full training is the perfect program for a young horse starting out in it's riding career or for an owner that is unable to ride on a consistent basis due to work, travel or other limiting circumstances.


Even if full training is only needed for short periods of time, the benefits will be invaluable to your horse in the long term. Even if the owner is unable to ride, we encourage our clients to be involved in the training process to ensure we are working towards a common goal.


This program offers 5-6 professional rides per week.

Half Training Package

Whether you are building a new partnership or prepping for show season, our trainers will help to keep your horse exercised and in a regular program with two to three weekly pro-rides. We can offer flexibility in the schedule each week as well as variety in our training programs to keep you and your horse happy and excited to work.


This program offers 2-3 professional rides per week.

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Custom Training

If you're not sure whether half training or full training are the right options for you, we offer custom training packages as well. You and your horse may benefit from a package that also includes lessons or a bigger focus on groundwork instead of riding. The number of rides or lessons per week, weekly schedule and pricing can be worked out individually with your trainer. 

Interested in a training package?

Please contact us for more information about our trainers, programs and pricing. 

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