Meet our staff

Abigail Letourneau, Barn Manager

"I was so excited and honored to accept the job. I love being here and I’ve gotten to know amazing horses as well as people. I am so excited to pursue my career here at High Knoll Equestrian Center."

For as long as she can remember Abbie has always had a true passion and love for horses. When she was four years old, her parents bought her a miniature horse named Derby, and that was just the beginning.


Abbie started taking lessons when she was eight and received her first full-size Pony, Sportyturf, at ten. Sportyturf taught her how to sit a buck, that not every ride will be perfect, and how to learn from every riding experience.


Abbie's first horse was Firefly. Owning Firefly taught Abbie how to treat injuries, wounds, and the general ins and outs of horse management and ownership. Unfortunately, Firefly was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma (cancer) in her vulva and even after undergoing multiple surgeries, Abbie had to make the tough decision to euthanize her in February of 2017. A couple months later, Abbie found Mazie at the NHSPCA and knew she was the horse for her. She now boards Mazie at High Knoll Equestrian Center and enjoys riding and working with her daily!


Abbie attended The Thompson School at The University of New Hampshire and received a degree in Equine Management. There, she studied nutrition, exercise, diseases, and how to run a facility and care for all different breeds of horses with different needs and personalities. While attending UNH she started working at the horse farm on campus and loved it.


Upon graduation, Abbie started working at High Knoll Equestrian Center as an equine caretaker. After two years, she accepted the job as an assistant manager. One year later, she was offered the manager position.​

Samantha Souliere, Assistant Barn Manager

Samantha grew up in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, working in horse barns in exchange for lessons, from age ten through her teenage years. Throughout those years, she explored many different riding disciplines. Having competed in hunters, equitation, show jumping, dressage, and even gymkhanas before falling in love with eventing.


While she has never owned her own horse, she is grateful for this in many ways. Not having your own horse meant riding and handling anything that someone was willing to let you. Because of this, she developed a strong seat, soft hands and a patient personality while working with new horses. When not found in the barn, Samie spends the majority of her time working with and training her two dogs. Lincoln, a German Shorthaired Pointer mix and Maverick, a German Shepherd.


In 2017, after a brief break from the equine industry, she accepted a position as an equine caretaker for a private eventing barn not far from home. It was there that reignited her passion for horses and the sport. Having spent a few years in both clerical work and sales full-time, making time for the horse world on the weekends. She has returned to the horse world full-time at High Knoll Equestrian Center as the Assistant Manager.

Sarah Meyer, Trainer

Sarah fell in love with horses when she was 10 years old. She grew up in southern Vermont, and got her first horse when I was 15 years old, a Thoroughbred named Freddie. She has worked in horse barns in exchange for lessons, from middle school through high school.


Sarah attended University of Massachusetts, Amherst and graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science. She also rode on the UMass Equestrian Team and trained under Jerry Schurink.


Right after college, Sarah was hired at KD Trakehners, a breeding and jumper barn in Wisconsin where she worked for 2 years training in dressage, cross country, and jumping. In 2012, she moved back to Vermont, and worked at Winchester Stables as a worker/trainer/assistant manager.