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Meet our staff

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Abbie Letourneau, Barn Manager

For as long as I can remember I have always had a true passion and love for horses. When I was four years old my parents bought me a miniature horse Derby, and that was just the beginning. I started taking lessons when I was eight years old and recieved my first full size Pony, Sportyturf when I was ten. She did a great job of teaching me how to sit a buck and that not every ride will be perfect but take everything as a learning experience. Sadly I outgrew her and bought my horse Firefly. Owning Firefly was one of the best learning experiences for me and my career. She always had some sort of injury, wound, or swelling that I would have to treat myself which made me so much more aware of what it takes to own and manage a horse. She ended up having Squamous Cell Carcinoma (cancer) in her vulva and eventually even after undergoing multiple surgeries I had to make the decision to euthanize her in February of 2017. A couple months later in April of 2017 I found Mazie at the NHSPCA and knew she was the horse for me. She is now at High Knoll with me and I love being able to see her everyday! 


I attended The Thompson School at The University of New Hampshire to achieve a degree in Equine Management. I learned a lot about running a facility and caring for all different breeds of horses with different needs and personalities. I learned about diseases, nutrition, exercise, and much more! While attending UNH I started working at the horse farm on campus and very much enjoyed every minute of it! Once I graduated from the University I found my job here at High Knoll Equestrian Center. I started here as an equine caretaker and after my first two years I accepted the job as an assistant manager. After a year of being an assistant I was offered the Manager position and was so excited and honored to accept the job. I love being here and I've gotten to know amazing horses as well as people. I am so excited to pursue my career here at High Knoll Equestrian Center 

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