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Meet our staff

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“I am very grateful for this opportunity to be a bigger part of the barn I love. This place is my home, I think of everyone here as my family.”

Destiny Anderson, Barn Manager

When Destiny was very young she always told her mother she wanted to grow up and be a horse one day. This is when her love for horses kicked in. When she was 5 years old her mom was convinced she belonged in a barn. With help from a family friend and her grandparents for transportation, they signed her up for riding lessons at her local barn. As she grew older she worked off her lessons by cleaning stalls, helping with summer camp and many other tasks on the farm.

She was then sponsored by a women who boarded at the barn she worked at. She was lent a beautiful bay mare named Tess, which led to many trips in the hunter ring including them qualifying for Downeast medal finals in 2012. A goal which seemed near impossible just a year prior.

Destiny learned the true meaning of partnership, gratitude, determination. Her favorite quote “The horse comes first, the sport second”. Not everyday is easy, but it’s worth it. From countless falls, to countless personal injuries, days where she felt like giving up. She’s pushed herself forward and will continue to never give up on her passion, no matter what gets thrown in her way.

She continues to compete NBHA with her 24 year old mare Shammy, her first horse whom she’s owned for 9 years.

   “I will forever be grateful to own such an honest and true hearted mare. She has more heart than any horse I’ve ever met. From
every set back you could imagine to many championships together. We never gave up on our dream. Shammy has taught me nothing comes easy in life, but if you work hard enough anything is possible”

Destiny has been apart of the HKEC team since 2016 as an equine caretaker. She has now been offered the manager position and has accepted it. 

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"I am grateful to have found a barn that treats me as part of the family, and even more excited to have coworkers who make the barn feel like a home away from home"

Thomas Frazer, Assistant Barn Manager

Thom comes to MEC with a lifetime of experience in all aspects of horsemanship.  His love of horses began when he took riding lessons as a child.  He quickly realized how much he enjoyed working with horses and has since made it his career.


  Thom has travelled the country working with thoroughbred horses from Virginia all the way to Washington State.  His time spent working at the race tracks instilled in him a strong work ethic and appreciation for all aspects of horse care.  


More import to Thom than cleaning stalls and caring for the horses needs, Thom loves creating individual connections with the horses he cares for.


Thom says he has learned so much from the horses as they have always been a source of comfort and security for him through life's ups and downs.  Horses are great listeners and Thom likes to think he gives back to the horses all the love he receives from them. 


When he isn't at the barn, you will find him home in Milton with his fiance and their giant puppy Callan.  You might even see Callan with Thom at the barn from time to time.  

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