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Boarding your horse at High Knoll Equestrian Center

Friendly boarders and attentive staff are just a part of the rich amenities you'll get when boarding with us!

Located in Rochester, NH, High Knoll Equestrian Center is an ideal Seacoast horse boarding facility for boarders looking for a laid-back environment with close proximity to top-notch veterinary care (Mhyre Equine Clinic).

Full board: $780/month
  • Unbeatable nutrition program working directly with Purina

  • Individual or small group all day or half-day turnout in a paddock (weather/footing permitting - management's discretion)

  • Riding fields, and numerous trails for riding

  • 1st cut timothy mix from Canada hay 4X daily

  • Grain up to 4x daily up to 5 lbs/feeding

  • Standard bedding

  • Blanket room: Specific storage area to allow all blankets to be hung and dried

  • Boarder tack room

    • Saddle rack 

    • Bridle hooks

    • Space for 1 tack trunk

  • Staff on-site at all times during barn hours

  • Mucking daily (2x if they stay in)

  • Water checked multiple times a day​

  • Supplements (supplied by owner) fed up to 2x daily in grain

  • Mineral salt blocks

  • Deworming Program: 4 fecal tests and 2 dewormers administered per year, as needed per fecal test

  • Trainers, clinics, shows and Wentworth Hunts on site

  • Access to on-site veterinary care (care costs additional)

Seasonal services
  • Blanket changes on barn’s schedule

  • Boots and fly masks on/off for turnout if needed

  • Outdoor wash area with access to hot water

  • Light grooming as needed

  • Fly spray (once daily before turn out in season, fly spray provided by boarder)

Lay-up board: $1,180/month

Full board, PLUS:

  • Daily checks, attention, and grooming

  • Wrapping or bandaging 1x daily

  • Hand-walking 2x daily as needed

  • Administering medications (supplied by owner) 2x daily orally or topically

  • Working with vet or professionals for special needs​

  • Other services available at an additional fee

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Looking for a full list of amenities?
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