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Meet our Horses


Stella is a Palomino AQHA mare born on April 23, 2008. Her sweet and sassy personality make her one of our barn favorites. Stella enjoys filling her belly with grass as well as going for walks around the track here at High Knoll. With an experienced rider Stella has the prettiest head set along with a very nice, smooth sitting trot. She is best suited for Advanced beginner - Intermediate riders.



Cole is a paint gelding born May 17, 2008. His registered name is "Eyes Have It". Cole has a very cool marking known as a "medicine hat". He also LOVES to be groomed and stands on cross ties very patiently for kids and new riders. Cole is used for our therapeutic lessons, western lessons, and English lessons. He is capable of jumping some smaller jumps, but needs a little more guidance. Cole is best suited for Advanced beginner - Intermediate riders. 



Argon is a Dutch Harness Horse gelding born September 24, 2008. His registered name is "Argon 18". His other nickname is "Dinosaur" because of his height and unique shape. 

Argon can be opinionated but does enjoy the dressage ring as well as long scenic trail rides here at HKEC. He is best suited for intermediate - advanced riders. 

Argon is currently up for 1/2 lease. 


Chip is an Oldenburg gelding born May 25, 2004. His registered name is "Incalan". Chip's height might be intimidating to some but we assure you he will win over your heart with his big puppy dog personality. Chip is originally imported from Germany and has an extensive show record. He was shown in Germany and Wellington, FL if interested to see him in action just Youtube Incalan and his videos will pop up! Although Chip is not able to do that level of jumping anymore he still loves to pop over some smaller jumps. He is best suited for an intermediate - advanced rider. 

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