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IEA Team


The IEA or Interscholastic Equestrian Association is open to riders of all levels in grades 6-12. The goal is to introduce riders to the equestrian sport in an environment that promotes safety and team comradery. The IEA sets a high standard for competitions and helps promote riding as an interscholastic sport. Coaches are encouraged to promote safe riding instruction as well as education in matters related to the equestrian sport.


At High Knoll, team members participate in weekly practices and compete in as many as five shows during the regular season. Our team has also had riders qualify for Regional finals the last two years. Practicing and showing are our main focus but the team also gets together for fundraising projects, workshops, team photos and team dinners.


IEA is a safe, affordable way to get started in the competitive show world. Riders are not required to have their own horses which makes horse showing attainable for any student. High Knoll has a group of wonderful lesson horses for practicing. Show hosts provide horses for competitions so each show will have a different group of horses to draw from.

If you would like more information about the organization, please visit


To get more information about joining the team, please contact Sheena McNally:

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